Profile Miriam Waterman

Paintings, Photography and Silkscreens


    San Jose State University, San Jose, California
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pictorial
    Dean’s List

Awards and Honors

    "Fountainhead Residency Program"       
   “Saratoga Collection”- Works of Emerging Artists

    Photography purchased for collection of private properties
    "ARTVOICES" Magazine Top 10
    Selected as one of the top 10 New Orleans’ Artists of the Year


    "Art Basel"
    Scope Art Fair, Miami (December)

Group Show
 Untitled Art Projects, Los Angeles

    "Art Basel"
    - Photography Series
    Fountain Art Fair, Miami (December)
    - Solo photography exhibition to concur with PhotoNOLA and Prospect 2
    Coup d'oiel Art Consortium, New Orleans (December)
    "The Billboard Art Project"
      New Orleans, (October)
    “EMERGE: St. Claude Arts District and Beyond- 41 New Orleans Artists from the
    Saratoga Collection”

    - Group exhibition of mixed media artists
     Ogden Museum, New Orleans (November)
    - Group exhibition
     New York City (September)   
    “A Second Time Around”
    - Solo exhibition of recent paintings
      Side Gallery, New Orleans (June)
    “Below the Radar”    
    - Group exhibition of paintings and photography
       511 Studios, New Orleans (April)

    “Six Principal Observations on Human Behavior”
     - Group photography exhibition to concur with PhotoNOLA
     Coup d’oiel Art Consortium, New Orleans (December)
     “Women on the Verge”     
      - Group exhibition featuring paintings from a New Era of Women
      Galerie Gigi, New Orleans (July-August)

    “Hard Eight”
    - Group exhibition of mixed media artists
    Homespace Gallery, New Orleans (November-December)
    - Group exhibition to promote and showcase NOLA’S Emerging Visual Artists
     Terrence Sanders Gallery, New Orleans, (March)
     “Art Basel”
    - Group exhibition of mixed media artists
     Taller Duende Gallery, Miami, (December)

    “Measures Beyond”
    - Group exhibition of silk screen works
    Subrosa Gallery, San Francisco, (June)
     - Group exhibition of works in oil and graphite
    Third Street Studios, San Jose, (April-May)

    “Pathos and Alienation”
    - Solo exhibition of oil paintings depicting the subject of pathos and alienation
    Herbert Saunder Gallery, San Jose, (May)
    “Five Flowers- Personal Revelations-Mysteries Revealed”
    - Group exhibition of oil paintings and printmaking
    Thought Farm Studios, San Jose (December)

Publications, Film and Television

     Photography book, Babel (See page about Babel)
     The Pelican
     "ARTVOICES" June

   "Babel Speaks Volumes for Artist"

    Photography purchased for the set of the film Trespass
    Oil paintings purchased for set of television series Memphis Beat

    Cover of magazine
    “Miriam Waterman on Abuse”
    December 2009. p 41&42 Z Behl


After graduating from SJSU I decided to take a hiatus from my painting in order to acquire fresh inspiration beyond the classroom. Prague became my home for a year as I taught and traveled extensively throughout Europe. After numerous stolen cameras and many motley adventures I realized it was time for me to return to my studio. Yearning for a taste of Europe, I naturally chose to settle in New Orleans in 2008. It is here that I plow away at my paintings and photography.